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Business Centre - Sibiu


The Business Centre provides facilities for SMEs in the area, for business development, by supporting private and public entities in their economic activities, ofering not only modern facilities for organizing exhibitions, conferences and events of the economic environment, but also consultancy services, trainings and education lectures. The construction, the most modern in the county providing such facilities, is a smart business center that can accommodate over 1,600 persons in the two twin buildings.

Beneficiary:SC Transcar Internaţional SRL Sibiu
Execution time:12 months
Developed surface:25,065 sqm
Work description: 2B +15L +1 technical level
Basements with parking lots and technical functions;
The superstructure includes offices and showrooms, catering facilities , aerobic hall and office rooms.
Four elevators have been built for each tower, of which two are panoramic.
The building’s structure type is flexible, with two reinforced concrete cores developed over the height of the 15 floors with bearing and stiffening role.
The rest of the bearing structure is made of poststressed concrete slabs.
The last levels are made of steel columns and beams, with floors of reinforced concrete and metallic formwork.


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