Cookies and other similar technologies

Cookies allow users to benefit from various services such as logging in when accessing a new website or using online shops. They are small text files that are placed on a user’s terminal and act as the website’s memory. Each time someone accesses a specific website, the website can write or read in the cookie that was placed on the terminal information that was already sent by the user to the website, directly or indirectly. Other similar technologies were later created with the same purpose. These technologies are thoroughly described in the following sections.

We use cookies and similar technologies at

Cookies are small text files placed on the computer or mobile devices when you access websites. Session cookies are sent by the domain you are visiting at a given moment (for instance, Third-party cookies are sent by other domains, not the website you are visiting (for example, domains other than

Web Beacons are transparent pixel images that are used for collecting information about how a website is used.

Similar to cookies, the technology that allows local storage possibility permits the websites to store information on a terminal (computer, mobile phone, etc.). This technology allows long-term storage, and, unlike cookies, the stored data are not transferred on the internet each time a user visits the website. does not use such technologies.

The Advertising ID is a unique identifier established by your mobile device’s operating system. This ID helps the applications you install on your device (which may contain advertisements) remember you. Most devices automatically allow applications to access the Advertising ID. You can change your device’s settings to prevent it from sharing this ID with various applications. Check the “help” section of your device to find out more about managing your Advertising ID. On Android, it is listed as the Android Advertising ID, whereas on iOS devices it is listed as Apple’s Advertising Identifier (IDFA).

In the following sections, we will refer to cookies, beacons, local storage, and the Advertising ID as “cookies and similar technologies”.

Most cookies can be categorized as:

a. Necessary: these cookies are essential in providing the services required by the users. Without them, the website cannot function or deliver its services.

b. Performance: these cookies collect information about the way in which the users/ readers use a website, such as which are the most popular pages, which are the most effective links between the pages and if the users encounter any error messages on the website. Thanks to these cookies, we can offer a high-quality experience to our users, as well as monitor the audience on the pages. The information collected by these cookies does not authenticate the user. Their sole purpose is to help us improve our website.

This website uses Google Analytics, a Google, Inc. program that analyzes website traffic. Google Analytics uses cookies to help assess the way in which readers use the website. The information generated by cookies about how is used (including your IP address) will be sent and stored by Google in their servers from Ireland.

Google will use this information to assess the manner in which you use, to create reports about the website’s activity and to provide other services about the activity on Google can also convey this information to third-party entities, if it is required by law or if the third-party entities are entitled to use the information provided by Google. Google will not associate your IP with other data owned by Google. You can prevent a website from using cookies from your browser’s settings. However, it is important to keep in mind that by doing so, you might not be able to fully or properly access the website’s functions.

To protect your privacy, chose not to use the remarketing functions, namely the reports about advertising functions. For the same reason, did not activate the User-ID option, which associates the interaction data from different devices and from more sessions. What is more, enabled the IP Anonymization function, which ensures your IP will not be used in any other means other than analyzing the traffic.

c. Advertising Cookies: These cookies collect information about your navigation habits to make advertising relevant to you and your interests. They are also used to limit the number of views for an ad, as well as assess the effectiveness of an advertising campaign.

Your options regarding cookies

You can adjust the privacy settings from your browser and block all cookies. However, this may affect your browsing experience, because many websites might stop functioning properly. Your browser allows you to delete all cookie modules when you close the browser window. This option, however, will delete permanent cookies that might store your preferences and personalized settings on the websites you visit regularly. Even so, you can keep the cookie modules you prefer, as your browser allows you to specify which websites are allowed to use cookie modules and when they are allowed to do so.