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Factory of precast concrete elements - Mârșa, Avrig


Uzinei Str., No.1, Mârșa, Avrig, Sibiu county
Tel/Fax: 0269 526 494

General information about the factory:

The precast factory in Marsa is endowed with high technology lines of the latest generation, machinery and equipment which are found in most modern factories in the field, in Europe.

The precast factory in Marsa in endowed with: concrete plant with forced mixing, made in Italy, patterns and prestressing installations from Germany and Italy. The facory produces linear structural elements (columns, beams, purlins of different dimensions) and precast elements for bridges.

The production processes developed in the factory take place in accordance with the European quality, environment and health standards, ensuring a proper quality level of products according to the european demands, the company benefiting from an efficient transfer of activities from the site, with the purpose of accomplishing the construction.

The company has its own pit ballast located at 20 km distance from the factory.

Reference standard

-ST 009:2011, SR EN 14991:2007, SR EN 13747+A2:2010, SR EN 13225:2013, SR EN 15050+A1:2012, SR EN 14992+A2:2012

Production capacity

-20,000 qm precast concrete/year

No. of employees



- U.E.

Production and quality management

- SR EN 9001:2008

Environmental and labor safety management

- SREN 14001 si OHSAS 18001
Factory of precast concrete elements - Mârșa, Avrig Factory of precast concrete elements - Mârșa, Avrig


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