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Network of Sport Halls - various locations
Mediaș Multipurpose Hall, Sport Hall Movileni, Sport Hall Câmpia Turzii


The purpose of the national program was the construction of new sport halls for schools of all grades in towns and villages, to ensure optimal comfort and safety for pupils. The construction of sport halls was based on pilot projects. Initially, the program was ment to build sports halls with a capacity of 50 seats. Afterwards, two new types of projects have been launched, for sport halls with larger capacity. Within this national project CON-A has built seven sport halls with an area of 1,000 sqm each having a capacity of 50 seats and two sport halls with higher capacities in Movileni and Câmpia Turzii. In the same national program The Mediaș Multipurpose Hall has been built, having a number of 1,000 places, the largest in the city.

Beneficiary:Compania Naţională pentru Investiţii
Execution time:6 months
Surface:over 1,000 sqm
Work Description:"Turn-key project" with steel main structure and envelope of thermo insulated panels, including utility works


distributor of building materials in the group CON-A

CON-A fondation

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