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Research, documentation and approval for investments

One of the stages of fulfilling a turnkey construction is the one prior to starting the actual construction. This period represents the preparation of the necessary documentation for obtaining all permits that allow starting the construction.

In this respect, through an effective collaboration with the state institutions, CON-A obtains for the client the following documentations, certificates, approvals and authorizations:

  • Urban planning certificate

Through the urban planning certificates we apply for the following:

  • Approvals and agreements for: water and sewage systems, electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, sanitary, environmental approval etc.
  • General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations approval, for civil protection and any other permits necessary in the PAC phase (Project for the Authorization of the execution of construction works) and POE (Project for the Organization of Execution Works).
  • The approval for the cut-out of agricultural land, for the change of the category of buildings use
  • Authorization of dissolution
  • Construction authorization
  • Documentation for noting the construction into the land book
  • Any other documentation required to regulate the legal status of the building after construction


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