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Multifunctional Sports Hall - Cluj-Napoca


The building’s playing field can be extended with mobile stands to allow playing several sports: basketball, volleyball, handball, gymnastics, boxing, judo, karate, fencing, or dance competitions, international congresses for more than 7.000 guests and concerts for over 10.000 people.

Beneficiary:Cluj-Napoca City
Execution time:19 months
Capacity:7.200 – 10.000 seats
Work description The Hall is going to be built according with all applicable regulations to allow national and international standards homologation, while allowing a variety of sports competitions and activities to be organized.
Multifunctional Sports Hall in Cluj-Napoca is going to be developed on five levels:
The basement serves as underground parking having a capacity of 443 parking spaces and technical areas;
The ground floor provides access into the building for all categories of participants - public, athletes, VIP, media and staff; This level provides access to the gym annexes (changing rooms, training rooms, sports shops), as well as shops access, restaurants and several technical areas;
The first level is entirely dedicated to public and includes bars, cloakrooms and toilets; The main structure is made of columns and concrete beams and steel space frames for the roof. The space steel frames (7 pcs.) have a clear opening of 63.90 m to 76.00 m after assembling, having the largest built opening in Romania;
The second floor is both for public and VIPs, with a separate access served by cabins, bar, conference rooms, etc.;
On the third floor (elevation +14.65 m) is the access area for mass-media.


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