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Social activities

Fundatia CON-A        Fundatia CON-A

CON-A Foundation was created at the initiative of Mr. Mircea Bulboacă, in January 2008 with the purpose of supporting the community and its values both in Sibiu and countrywide. CON-A Foundation continues in the same professional manner the efforts of CON-A Group regarding the social engagement in the Sibiu community.

Through its activity the Foundation is trying to reach the following goals:

  • -promoting and supporting social-economic initiatives both locally and within the region;
  • -increase of access for children with disabilities to social services by promoting and developing social community programs that would meets their needs;
  • -increase in culture and social involvement for individuals and support for charitable projects of partner organizations that generate an impact in various areas of social life, like health, environmental protection, education
  • offering material support for maintenance of educational, cultural and scientific institutions.

During its eight years of activity the Foundation has so far supported over 1350 people in difficult situations (both students and adults), of which approximately 800 institutionalized children (foster homes, education institutions, student organizations).

In order for our foundation to efficiently develop these projects we require funding.

One of the ways in which the CON-A Foundation can be financed is by donation by tax payers of the 2% of their annual tax. The legislation allows tax payers to donate 2& of the annual tax towards a foundation, otherwise these amounts remain and are controlled by the government. Our foundation ca be supported by signing a request form for donating those 2% until 25th May.

If you would like to donate 2% of your annual taxes to the CON-A Foundation you can download the form HERE. You can send the completed and signed form to the email address alina.daja@cona.ro.

Link: www.FundatiaCONA.ro


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