The first ROCKWOOL production plant in Romania was completed in the fall of 2019

CON-A has completed the construction works for the largest mineral stone wool production plant in Romania.

The beneficiary is ROCKWOOL Group, the world leader in stone wool fibers production and this is the first unit of this type that it built in Romania.

The project has about 20,000 sqm for production and 100,000 sqm of outdoor platforms and landscaping. CON-A’s role in this project was as general contractor, and the project was approached in turnkey system.

This “2 in 1” project is very complex, a simple example being the 18 distinct buildings, with different construction solutions. A unique detail is the way of buildings were erected: for some the development and the equipment followed  the “classic” way of construction: the building was erected and then the production lines were mounted, while for other, the production line was installed and the building was erected around the technological line.

Besides the fact that a production plant was built, a special emphasis was placed on the architectural part of the building, especially in the area of ​​the facades of the production building and at the same time through the body of offices, which combines special architectural elements with utility elements of the building.