Multifunctional Sports Hall Cluj-Napoca

Area: 38.500 m2

Location: Cluj-Napoca

Year: 2014


The Sports Hall in Cluj-Napoca is the largest and most modern building of its type in Romania, unique through its design and modern technology. The building was executed respecting the international standards and norms, attracting numerous sports events and competitions in Cluj-Napoca. Upon its inauguration in 2014, the construction became the largest multifunctional hall in Romania and due to the extension works to over 10.000 seats in 2017, it hosted the European Basketball Championships.


The frames of the roof space assembly have a free opening of 63.90 m – 76.00 m after installation – between the support axes, being the largest free opening metal frames built in Romania to this date. The heating system with solar panels and photovoltaic panels powering the safety lighting system of the building is the most modern installed in the country. The building is equipped with a system that collects and uses rainwater for the restrooms.


The building provides numerous technical and sports annexes, with complementary facilities for food service, as well as commercial spaces ready for renting and a generous underground parking. The retractable bleacher seats allow the game surface to be modified depending on the type of game that takes place.