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General Contractor
  • Logistics and financial capacity for the execution of turnkey projects;
  • A young team of specialists that provides the company’s executive management, able to promptly solve unexpected situations that may appear during execution;
  • Qualified workers who have been specialized and certified by the supplying companies;
  • Top of the range equipment for the execution of civil constructions, roads and platforms;
  • Own production capacities;
  • Testing laboratory.
Building Design

Over the years, CONDESIGN has come up with solutions and technologies to improve technical designs for the projects executed by CON-A and has designed all our design and build projects. It also provided services for beneficiaries in individual projects.

  • Construction design;
  • Design, modeling, analysis and structural optimization;
  • Technical advice on the design and execution of industrial and civil buildings;
  • Obtaining documentation: approvals, permits, urban planning certificates, etc.
Mechanical Installations

CON-A Productions is part of the CON-A Group and has a significant role in the execution of design and build projects, covering the whole segment of mechanical installations:

  • HVAC systems;
  • Sanitary installations;
  • Fire extinguishing systems;
  • Technological installations;
  • External networks.
Electrical Installations

CON-A MEP is the CON-A Group company specialized in the design and execution of high and medium voltage electrical installations, according to ANRE permit B and C2A type. CON-A Electric provides:

  • Electrical lighting installations and sockets;
  • Three-phase power systems;
  • Protection installations;
  • Installation of circuit panels and industrial equipment (electric generators, uninterruptible power supplies, etc.);
  • Connecting the production lines of the technological processes specific to every construction project.
Finishing works

CON-A Operations has been an active member of the Group since 2002, providing through its services comfort and aesthetics to our projects. CON-A Finisaje operates in the field of civil and industrial constructions, providing interior finishes such as:

  • Painting;
  • Windows installation and painting;
  • Partition walls;
  • Installation of ceramic tiles, parquet and exterior plastering;
  • Mounting of thermal insulation.
Building Materials

UNIMAT is the construction materials trade company in the CON-A Grup. UNIMAT supplies annually approximately 300 construction companies and over 2.500 unique customers. The product portfolio exceeds 8.500 articles in the range of building materials and renovation.

UNIMAT owns showrooms and warehouses in Șelimbăr, Alba Iulia and Târgu Mureș.

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Metal Structures and Prestressed Elements

Through their high production capacity, CON-A Factory for Precast Concrete and CON-A Factory of Metal Construction ensure efficiency and speed in the execution of projects carried out by CON-A.