CON-A Factory for Precast Concrete

CON-A Factory for Precast Concrete provides the company with a high degree of efficiency, autonomy and speed in project execution. Equipped with high technology lines, state-of-the-art machinery and equipment at the level of the most modern factories in Europe, the unit produces elements that meet all European standards in the field.

The factory of prefabricated elements from Mârşa, Sibiu County, has a production capacity of 30.000 cubic meters/year and manufactures:

  • Linear structural elements: pillars and beams;
  • Roof elements: TT elements and purlins;
  • Elements for floors: TT type, precast floor elements;
  • Panel type precast concrete elements for closures;
  • Elements for foundations: insulated type, foundation beams;
  • Pre-stressed beams for road bridges;
  • Pre-stressed precast floor elements for road bridges.