CON-A Factory of Metal Construction

CON-A Factory of Metal Construction is part of a strong investment program. The factory can execute all types of projects, from simple ones to highly complex ones, depending on the client’s requests. The applied machining technology guarantees high security and quality standards of products. The machinery and the equipment are top of the range and the entire production process is automated and computerized.

The Metal Structures Factory has a production capacity of 10.000 tons/year and manufactures:

  • Structure elements: pillars, beams, purlins;
  • Closure elements: façade structures;
  • Metallic beams and pillars for high buildings (15-20 levels), used in hotels and administrative buildings;
  • Embedded elements;
  • Metal beams and substructures used in production, commercial, social, cultural, sports and storage buildings;
  • Metallic beams and platforms for bridges and viaducts.

Metal Sheet Manufacturing Division

The Metal Sheet Manufacturing Division, which was inaugurated in 2006, manufactures high-quality metal sheet garments and its activity is gradually expanding. The division has a medium production capacity of 5.500 tons/year.

Aluminum Carpentry Manufacturing Division

This division develops and provides advanced aluminum systems for doors, windows, curtain walls and special applications that meet every architectural requirement.