Concrete Steel Forming Division

The Concrete Steel Forming Division has established itself through works of great complexity and diversity due to the policy and the permanent concern to respond professionally to the increasingly diversified requirements of its clients. The continuous collaboration with architects, structural engineers, suppliers and producers of raw materials necessary to carry out the activity, guarantees that the projects carried out together with us will be characterized by QUALITY, PROMPTNESS and EFFICIENCY.

Our activity is based on a reliable partnership with our customers, by ensuring high quality products and services in accordance with customer requirements, by complying with applicable laws and regulations, ensuring lead times, quality assurance and negotiated price.

The Concrete Steel Forming Division executes and installs the following types of systems:

• Carpentry (doors and windows) made and mounted from the Rehau profile system
• Aluminum joinery, made of Schuco, Alumil, Metra, Reyners profiles
• Curtain facades made of Schuco, Alumil, Metra or Reyners aluminum profiles
• Luminaires made of aluminum profiles with sun protection and safety glass
• Interior compartments made of Schuco profiles
• Automatically operated doors with Dorma, Geze, GU operator
• Various glass works (including design) such as:

– partition walls made of safety float glass, doors with Dorma hardware;
– steps made of glass elements secured and glued together with EVA safe foil;
– glass railings with and without uprights;
– complete windfangs made of safety glass with manually or automatically operated doors;
– glass awnings and roofs;
– glass doors with Dorma hardware;
– fire-resistant doors and partitions (30 min, 60 min, 90 min) made of fire-resistant aluminum, steel and glass profiles;
– shower cabins;
– movable walls