What we do

The CON-A Group offers integrated services to build efficiently and sustainably while also saving time, energy and money. 

General contracting

We carrie out turnkey construction projects with our own employees, equipment and machinery.

Remarkable know-how in civil construction, especially in the industrial and logistics segment and large-scale public projects. 

  • Experience in collaborating with multinational companies, with high standards of quality and safety in construction. 
  • Logistic and financial capacity for executing construction works in a “turnkey” general contracting system;  
  • Management team capable of solving the most complex situations with promptness and mobility in execution;  
  • Qualified workers for the execution of works, specialized and certified by the supplying companies;  
  • Own high-performance equipment and machinery for the execution of civil constructions, roads, and platforms. 


CONDESIGN is the company specialized in general design and architectural services. 

CONDESIGN provides design services for B2C projects and proposes improvement and technical solutions to the projects built by CON-A. 

  • Construction design; 
  • Project concept, modeling, analysis and structural optimization;  
  • Technical consultancy on the design, planning and execution of industrial and civil constructions;  
  • Obtaining documents: approvals, permits, urban certificates, etc. 

Integrated industrial production

With the capacity to industrially produce metal structures and prefabricated elements, CON-A PRODUCTIONS is able to deliver complex metal and precast concrete structures. It also provides high-quality aluminum systems and architectural facade systems for creating contemporary, energy-efficient constructions, thus supporting the concept of sustainable building. 
  • Metal structures;  
  • Precast structures;  
  • Aluminum joinery;  
  • Complete sheet metal systems. 

Mechanical and electrical installations

Fully covers the segment of mechanical and electrical installations, while also making an essential contribution to the realization of design and build projects. 

CON-A MEP is also specialized in the field of electrical installations, high and medium voltage currents, in accordance with the National Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE). 

  • Mechanical installations;  
  • HVAC systems;  
  • Plumbing installations;  
  • Fire limitation and extinguishing installations;  
  • Technological installations;  
  • External networks.  

Design and execution of electrical installations, high and medium voltage currents, in accordance with ANRE authorization – grades B and C2A: 

  • Electrical installations for lighting and outlets;  
  • Power installations;  
  • Protection installations;  
  • Assembly of electrical panels and industrial equipment (current generators, continuous voltage sources, etc.);  
  • Connecting production lines of technological processes specific to each construction project. 

Building maintenance

CON-A Facility Management provides preventive maintenance services for the structure and associated equipment of buildings. 

These include all operations necessary to maintain the technical systems installed at designed parameters in good working order, as provided in the Construction Technical Book and the equipment maintenance manuals. 

Preventive maintenance services for constructions and their associated installation systems. 

Integrated technological solutions

We provide integrated technology services. With an innovative approach, we focus on designing, developing, implementing, and maintaining integrated security, automation, and logical communication systems. 

Our team develops advanced technical solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. Each project represents a challenge for us to create, innovate, and offer customized solutions.

Social responsibility

CON-A is committed to the community in which it operates and actively engages in its development through numerous projects carried out with the help of CON-A Foundation.